Welcome to the polar bear project – A podcast for the autism community

My name is Alan Doyle, and I will be introducing you to incredible people making a positive difference on a, local and international level within the autism community.

19 years ago, my son Killian was diagnosed with autism; it was the beginning of an ongoing journey.

Way back in 2002 The autism landscape for the was very very different. There was no appropriate educational setting. For Killian. The prevalence of autism was hardly recognised within Society. As few resources as there are today. There were even less back then. Getting a diagnosis to access available resources was a struggle…

I became part of a parent group that founded a school for children with autism. There began another journey.

Over the years I Went to conferences in the USA, I visited clinics, schools and Special classes, saw the work in the classrooms firsthand, organised training here in Ireland, and hosted parent groups from Italy and Egypt.

My passion to help my son and his fellow pupils and their families was so rewarding for me – I was learning too and primarily it was my son that was teaching me – patience, understanding, the power of fun and play! I was learning how to slow down and pay attention to the little things.

19 years later, as Killian turned 21 this year I’m thrilled to be part of this project.

We are here to connect, reconnect and extend support to everyone within the community, nationally, and internationally.

And how are we going to do that, we’re going to do that by Creating a forum where you are welcome and valued. By sharing our stories and experiences, discuss real and meaningful issues.

Your lived experience matters and this project provides a safe platform to be seen AND heard, not just supporting each other through the difficult times.

We’re going to meet Autistic individuals, Parents Careers, Siblings and Professionals –  who will share their experiences, perspectives and ideas,

We care deeply and want to support our community, as it is so often fraught with conflicting ideas, differing philosophies and approaches. These conflicts can compound the stress, confusion and anxiety that can overload us.  Through honest and respectful discussions with learners mindset we aim to get to the core of the issues and help provide clarity.

As we take the next steps in this journey together, we have the power to consider different perspectives, make tiny changes to improve our lives and the lives of those that we love and care for.

We Support the autism acceptance movement WE will share those magic moments of overcoming adversity that we experience that leads to growth and transformation, We’ll share them, not just within the NEURODIVERSE community but society as a whole.

We know what our community can offer and bring we can have an impact, and make a deeper and more fulfilling contribution to a diverse evolving and enriched society which can be celebrated by one and all.

WE hope you enjoy the SHOW

And Take something of VALUE away with you!

Please GET in touch If you want share your story or have ideas or suggestions or topics that you would like  to hear about.